February 1, 2006

The Delmar City Council met in regular session on February 1, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Delmar Council Chambers located at 613 Main. Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order with the following members present at roll call: Kennicker, Goodall, Jebsen, Simmons, Eberhart.

M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve consent agenda with the addition of a alcohol permit for Bam Bam’s Barn and the addition of a bill from Steve Jebsen for electrical work in the park and council chambers. Roll call vote: All ayes. Sheriffs report with 50.87 hours being spent in Delmar during the month of January. No Landfill report. No Crime Stoppers report. Water report with water tests coming back negative for bacteria. M/S Goodall, Simmons to approve the building permit for Eric Conger for a garage addition. Roll call vote: All ayes. Terry Wink from MSI presented a bid to the council for street work. Bid is good for 30 days. The council discussed the bid and will let MSI know their decision after maintenance has a chance to review the streets. Water Project update from MSA representative Steve Thompson. M/S Kennicker, Goodall to approve the pay request #5 for contract A for Anstoetter Construction in the amount of $14440.30. Roll call vote: All ayes. M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve the pay request #3 for Northway Well and Pump in the amount of $43493.87. Roll call vote: All ayes. M/S Kennicker, Eberhart to approve the Change Order for Northway Pump and Well for Change Order #2 in the amount of $12213.00. Roll call vote: 4 ayes and Goodall voting Nay. M/S Simmons, Goodall to approve Drawdown #15 from MSA Professional Services. Roll call vote: All ayes. Steve Thompson from MSA advised the council that to date there is approximately a $10,000 credit on the curb and gutter part of the water project. M/S Goodall, Kennicker to approve the installation of new water main to connect Sparks Streets to Richland. Roll call vote: All ayes. The council asked Thompson about erecting “No Spraying” around the new well area for DOT and any farmer renting the ground around the new well site. Clerk was instructed to order signs for the new well area. Discussion with Bill & Marsha Bartels concerning sewer issues at their home. Council advised the Bartels of the ordinance stating that Sewer lines from the house to the main are the responsibility of the home owner, and that they should seek legal advise. Garbage issues were discussed with Doug from Allied Waste concerning recycling problems and a recent invoice received from the head office. Doug stated that he would check into this and get back to the city clerk. Council discussed the bid from JJJ Construction and told Maintenance to figure out how many manholes need risers and work done to them on the streets that may be requiring work. M/S Goodall, Simmons to approve the bid from Sellnau Construction for construction for a handicapped accessible bathroom at council chambers. Roll call vote: All ayes. M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve the Liquor Permit for Bam Bam’s Barn. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Mayor Johnson appointed the following positions and committees: Mayor Pro-tem-Steve Jebsen; Landfill-Doug Goodall with alternate Daryl Eberhart; Crime Stoppers-Doug Goodall with alternate Daryl Eberhart; Emergency Management meetings-Steve Jebsen; Disaster Planning committee-Steve Jebsen, Rene Kennicker, Dan Simmons & LeAnn McCallister; Parks-Judy Johnson. Council advised the maintenance department and clerk to check parks flags and get replacements if needed. M/S Jebsen, Goodall to approve time off for McCallister, City Clerk. Roll call vote: All ayes. Employee reviews were done with a less than 3% raise for both the Maintenance person Paul Ruchotzke and Clerk, LeAnn McCallister. Due to needed budget cuts, one maintenance position was eliminated with Ruchotzke having the seniority with the city.

Construction of a storage shed at the Fire Station has been put on hold until a later date. M/S Goodall,Eberhart to adjourn at 9:45 p.m. Roll call vote: All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor


General: $5078.27
Road: $3186.14
Water: $11012.79
Water Proj: $149538.00
Sewer: $2853.04
Garbage: $2512.96
Sewer Dept: $1500.00


Maquoketa Sentinel Press-publications $59.57
Alliant-electric & gas $3641.09
Casey’s-fuel $134.93
Post Office-postage $58.40
Farm Plan-parts $28.60
Metrobank-loan payment $250.00
Metrobank-fica/med/fed $1514.89IPERS-retirement $558.32
Sewer Dept-bond savings $1500.00
Clinton County Sheriff-contract $679.80
Treasurer State of Iowa-withholding $178.00
Delmar Fire Dept-28E agreement $5700.00
Walmart-office supplies $35.63
Gasser True Value-supplies $161.52
National Water Works-meter parts $88.97
Hawkins-chlorine $190.70
Office Depot-office supplies $31.36
Clinton County Auditor-election fees $903.46
Mike Scheckel-postage reimbursement $5.52
JJJ Enterprise-curb stop repairs $350.00
Allied Waste-garbage contract $2168.00
Dague Equipment-repair parts $31.29
Iowa One Call-locates $3.60
Dick’s Supermarket-UPS charges $12.49
Holtz Welding-repairs $95.00
Jerry Koob-meter repairs $50.00
Ronann’s Floral-flowers $46.00
USA Bluebook-water supplies $213.08
Administrative Wage Assignment-garnishment $355.57
Sullivan & Ward-contamination legal fees $167.25
Wages-city employees $4142.98