June 6, 2007

The Delmar City Council met in regular session on June 6, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the Delmar Council Chambers.  Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order with the following members present at roll call:  Jebsen, Trenkamp, Goodall, Eberhart, Simmons. 

Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the consent agenda. M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Roll call vote:  All ayes. 

Sheriffs Department not available for report.  Landfill report by Goodall with the new operator working out fine.  No crime stoppers report.  Water/Sewer report with everything going good but there are issues with the lagoons and the amount of ground water runoff.  Operator Tom Witt suggested televising the east manhole and lift station areas to see where all the runoff is coming from.  Council advised clerk and maintenance to make the arrangements for this to be done.

Steve Kahler, City Attorney attended the meeting to go over some building permit issues of several permits problems.  Kahler advised the council of several areas to watch and address with permits.  Council advised Kahler of several buildings that were not built per the drawings submitted to the council.  Kahler discussed these issues with the council and will be corresponding with the individual(s) concerning these permits.  Mayor Johnson called for approval of a building permit for a fence around a patio for Brad & Theresa Taliaferro.  M/S Jebsen, Simmons to approve the permit as presented.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson advised the council of a building permit request from Bob Eby for a Jacuzzi Room on his property.  Council discussed this with the city attorney.  M/S Goodall, Trenkamp to table the permit until the July meeting.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.

Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve a cigarette permit for Casey’s General Store.  M/S Simmons, Goodall to approve the permit.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson called for motion to approve the liquor permit for the Delmar Fire Department for their Steak Supper.  M/S Goodall, Eberhart to approve the permit.  Roll call vote:  All ayes

Council went into discussion on junk car complaints noting that some of the cars have already been removed from the area in question. 

Maintenance explained the water smell and discolored water to the council and noted that no further problems have been noted. 

A complaint of a dog at large has been discussed with the dogs owner already at this time.  

Maintenance discussed with the council of problems in finding parts for the city’s chain saw.  If parts cannot be found maintenance is to get  a price on  a used one if one can be found or new one and submit to the council at the next meeting.

Mayor Johnson and council advised clerk to update building permit forms and have the mayor review them as soon as completed.  M/S Goodall, Eberhart to adjourn at 8:07 p.m.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor

General Fund:  $14029.47
Road Use Fund:  $3206.17
Water Fund:  $10675.38
Sewer Fund:  $3573.60
Garbage Fund:  $2868.05
Sewer Dept:  $1500.00

The National Bank-GO Bond payment                                  $32,250.00
USDA-loan interest payment                                                 $7581.97
Windows Professionals-window installation                          $4200.00
Steve Kahler-legal work                                                         $400.00
Orville Wagner-mower                                                           $30.00
Office Depot-office supplies, fax machine                             $146.72
Midwest Business Office-printer repairs                                $195.75
Allied Waste-garbage contract & cleanup                              $3445.98
Mississippi Valley Pump-lift station repairs                            $1257.00
Matt Parrott  & Sons-utility bills                                            $386.51
Kluesner Construction-Lincoln Ave. resurfacing                   $22,960.80
Gerardy Welding-flag pole repairs                                         $100.00
Fred Jackson Tuckpointing-city hall work                              $10,442.50
Farm Plan-lawn tractor parts                                                   $50.04
Charlotte Electric-repairs park sign, flashing light                  $388.48
Chemright Lab-lagoon testing                                                $30.00
Caldwell Tanks-warranty on tower                                        $7500.00
Vern Mangler-mowing (Nelson property)                              $75.00
Maquoketa Lumber-keys                                                        $10.60
Preston Ready Mix-road rock & cement                                $733.70
Office Machine Consultants-copier lease                               $139.50
F&B Communications-phone bills                                          $196.71
All Flags-US Flags                                                                  $77.49
USA Bluebook-testing supplies                                              $26.00
UECO-curb boxes & rods                                                      $249.15
Casey’s-fuel                                                                            $122.79
Bob Johnson Trucking-truck repairs                                       $80.75
Cardmember Service-postage, drop box                                 $627.96
Maquoketa Sentinel Press-publications                                  $162.23
Gassers-supplies                                                                      $77.41
Engel Agency-insurance 07/08                                               $14120.00
Joanne Guise-HUD mileage                                                   $36.38
Clinton County Sheriff-contract                                             $722.40
Wages                                                                                     $7232.47

General Fund Totals:  $24462.95                                          
Road Use Fund Totals:  $28301.30
Water Fund Totals: $53429.42
Sewer Fund Totals: $5800.39
Garbage Fund Totals: $3741.95
Employee Benefit: $3202.80