July 11, 2007

The Delmar City Council met in regular session on July 11, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers.  Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order with the following  members present at roll call:  Jebsen, Trenkamp, Eberhart, Simmons.  Goodall absent.  Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the consent agenda as presented.  M/S Trenkamp, Jebsen to approve the consent agenda.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Reports-Sheriffs department not available.  No landfill report.  Crime Stoppers report given by Eberhart that the Crime Stoppers stickers are now on the Garbage trucks that service Grand Mound, Wheatland & Lowden.  Water/Sewer report was given by Tom Witt certified operator;  repairs to the manhole on the east side has been scheduled and working on the jetting and televising time schedule.  M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the jetting and televising of the some of the sewer lines in certain areas.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  M/S Jebsen, Simmons to approve the purchase of a new water testing meter at an approximate cost of $975.00.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  No water project updates.  Building permits-Mayor Johnson asked for a motion to approve the building permit for Bob & Jody Eby for a Jacuzzi room and privacy fence.  M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the permit.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the building permit for Dave Hanrahan for a deck addition to his home.  M/S Eberhart, Simmons to approve the permit.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the building permit for a deck for Daryl Eberhart on his rental home.  M/S Simmons, Trenkamp to approve the permit.  Roll call vote:  Three (3) ayes, Eberhart abstained.    Mayor Johnson called for approval of a variance request for Randy & Chris Budde to change the sidewalls of the new garage from 8 feet to 9 feet.  M/S Jebsen, Simmons to approve the variance request.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.
Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the 2006/2007 Road Use Report presented by the clerk.  M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the Road Use Report as presented.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approve the liquor permit for Rudy’s Place.  M/S Trenkamp, Jebsen to approve the liquor permit for Rudy’s Place.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Mayor Johnson opened the meeting to the audience pertaining to the recent flooding of basements.  Several residents voiced their concerns as to what the city can do to prevent the flooding/sewer coming into their house basements.  Tom Witt certified operator and council marked the areas that had the most damage on a city map and will do further investigation when a crew is in town working on manholes.  An emergency committee will be set up to work on an emergency plan to help residents during storms, etc. for future. 
Gerry Farrell attended the meeting to get council approval to fill in the ditch area in his sub-division locate on the Northeast side of town.  Farrell noted that a 12” culvert will be installed and black dirt hauled in to fill in over the culvert and will be seeded with grass to help in maintenance of the area.  Nearby resident Todd Watters attended to find out the plans of the work that will be done as he was concerned of water runoff and drainage issues on his property which is below the area where the culvert was going to be installed. Mayor Johnson asked Watters if he felt the work being done would cause more drainage issues on his property and he stated that if it was done properly in that area and the adjoining property put up silt fences it should not cause a problem on his property. Mayor Johnson called for a motion to approval the installation of the culvert with the note that there must be a slight ditch in the area for drainage and removal of snow along the road.  M/S Eberhart, Trenkamp to approve the culvert installation.  Roll call vote:  All ayes  Gary Holtz attended the meeting to discuss with the city council their water pressure problems at their home.  Mayor Johnson advised the clerk to contact Anstoetter Construction in regards to this issue and have them come back to dig up the serviced line to determine what the problem may be.  Mayor Johnson went into discussion on the new ball diamond and asked Maintenance person Ruchotzke if things were going well.  Ruchotzke noted that more lime was brought in to level the diamonds and that he would be able to get the bleachers set up for the tournaments to be held over the weekend on the new diamond.
Mayor Johnson mentioned the complaint presented to the city about a dog at large which was standing/walking on the area between the sidewalk and the street.  Even though this is city right of way the resident/land owner maintains this area.  Therefore, the animal was still on its homeowners property and the complaint is unfounded.  Chain saw discussion was tabled at this time.  Maintenance advised the council of new tires being needed for the front of the tractor.  M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the purchase of new tires for the tractor.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.  Utility bill discussion regarding the mailing of bills with newsletters each month and the cost to the city.  Council advised the clerk to put on the newsletter that they will not be mailed out every month after the August newsletter.  The newsletter is tentatively set to be done only quarterly instead of monthly.  M/S Simmons, Trenkamp to adjourn at 9:40 p.m.  Roll call vote:  All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor

General Fund:  $26739.67    
Road Use Fund:  $3717.12    
Water Fund:  $11311.21
Sewer Fund:  $3643.87         
Garbage Fund:  $2773.26       
Sewer Dept.:  $1500.00

Maquoketa Sentinel Press-publications                                  $209.13
Alliant-electric/gas                                                                  $2149.01
Casey’s-fuel                                                                            $112.26
Farm Plan-tractor repair parts                                                 $136.75
Sewer Dept-bond savings payment                                        $1500.00
Clinton County Sheriff-contract                                             $741.60
Iowa One Call-locates                                                                        $20.70
Johnson Trucking-brake repairs                                              $133.57
F&B Telephone-phone/fax                                                     $198.05
Visa Card-postage                                                                  $174.74
The National Bank-Water Bond Payment                              $32250.00
Gasser’s-flag repairs                                                                $24.22
Preston Ready Mix-road rock/Hurst Street                            $3676.00
USA Bluebook-lagoon supplies                                              $126.07
Office Machine Consultants-copier lease                               $132.41
Hawkins-chemicals                                                                 $119.14
Vern Mangler-mowing Nelson property                                 $150.00
Clarks Saw Center-parts                                                         $44.80
Allied Waste-garbage contract                                               $2304.00
Capmark-Sewer Bond payoff                                                 $52911.13
Keystone Lab-water testing                                                    $10.00
T&W Grinding-grind brush pile                                             $500.00
Utility Equipment-parts                                                          $408.72
Steve Kahler-legal work                                                         $280.00
ECIA-07/08 dues                                                                    $226.16
Iowa League of Cities-07/08 dues                                          $336.00
Judy Johnson-reimburse plaque costs                                     $19.26
IA DNR-water fees                                                                $62.62
Clinton Co. Area Solid Waste-assessment fees                      $5140.00
Hygienic Laboratory-water testing                                         $63.00
Bowman Oil-diesel fuel                                                          $721.08
Wages-                                                                                    $10143.40

General Fund Totals                           $5681.65
Road Use Fund Totals                       $15075.56
Water Fund Totals                              $37399.42
Sewer Fund Totals                              $54563.19
Garbage Fund Totals                          $2304.00