Aug. 2, 2006

The Delmar City Council met in regular session on August 2, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Delmar Council Chambers. Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order with the following members present at roll call: Goodall, Jebsen, Trenkamp, Eberhart, Simmons.

M/S Jebsen, Goodall to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote: All ayes.

No Sheriffs department available to give report, no landfill report, no crime stoppers report. Water report with bacteria samples coming back okay.

Water project updates: System up and running fine and will be doing a walk through on the project to note any issues that still need to be addressed.
M/S Eberhart, Trenkamp to approve the pay request for Anstoetter Construction in the amount of $14009.25. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Simmons, Jebsen to approve a change order for the fence around the new well site to include the whole property with a set back of two (2) feet from East and South property lines and the fence to be behind the fire hydrant on the North side of the property. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Jebsen, Trenkamp to approve the Third and final reading of ordinance 2006.1 “Requiring Connection to the Public Water System.” Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Jebsen, Simmons to approve the Second reading of ordinance 6-10-19 “Obtaining Variances”. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Simmons, Eberhart to approve the Second reading of ordinance 6-10-10 “Size Restrictions”. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Gary Brons from Iowa Rural Water Association attended the meeting to discuss what he has been working on for the city regarding Wellhead Protection for the new well site and to explain some of the services that his company provides to cities at no cost. Brons noted that they work with landfills on Hazardous Materials Cleanup programs and asked if the city would be interested in participating in this program. This will be looked into further and discussed more at a later date.

M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve the 2005-2006 Annual Road Use Report. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Jebsen, Goodall to approve the Resolution for a “Security Information Policy” for the city. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Goodall, Eberhart to approve the hiring of Phyllis Hanrahan as the new Depot Museum Curator at a wage of $150.00 per month. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Rudy’s Place is asking approval for the use of the Railroad right-of-way next to their property for a promotion they are having at the end of the month along with the usage of the sand volleyball courts. Council approved the usage of the Railroad right-of-way and the volleyball courts with no problems, but to advise Rudy’s that all debris be picked up afterwards.

Issues pertaining to the Hillside Addition 2, will be taken care of by council person Doug Goodall.

Complaints pertaining to 4-wheelers being driven on city streets should be directed to the Sheriffs Department. Animal complaints will be addressed.

M/S Simmons, Eberhart to approve the replacement of the door at city hall for security reasons at a cost of $951.75 with the work to be done by Bob’s Workshop of Charlotte. Roll call vote: All ayes. M/S Jebsen, Simmons to adjourn at 9:40 p.m. Roll call vote: All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor

General: $3696.09
Road Use: $3351.35
Water: $11489.10
Sewer: $3243.15
Garbage: $2689.28
Sewer Dept: $1500.00

General Fund-
Clinton County Sheriff-contract $722.40
Casey’s-fuel $31.01
Clarks Saw Center-repairs/blades $60.35
Christy’s-repairs $23.75
Farm Plan-repairs $181.57
Johnson Trucking-tractor repairs $80.00
The National Bank-loan payment $250.00
Beidler Implement-mower deck $2939.00
LeAnn McCallister-mileage $189.57
Walmart-supplies $11.91
F&B Telephone-phone & Website $531.87
ECIA-Pre-disaster plan $444.20
Schoenthaler, Roberg, Bartelt & Kahler-legal $790.00
Maquoketa Sentinel Press-publications $90.80
Office Machine Consultants-copier lease $103.09
Matt Parrott-checks $98.83
Clinton County Landfill-assessment fee $5140.00
Wages-general fund $2548.19
Total General Fund $14236.53

Road Use Fund-
Casey’s-fuel $29.03
F&B Telephone-phone $24.07
Wages $119.92
Total Road Use Fund $173.02

Water Fund-
Casey’s-fuel $21.01
Hawkins-chemicals $101.90
Water Solutions-chemicals $518.00
F&B Communications-phone $25.92
Keystone Labs-water testing $27.00
Iowa One Call-locates $1.80
UECO-curb stops $331.20
Winegar Plumbing-parts $92.44
Matt Pattot-checks $98.82
RCS Computers-computer pump house $965.40
Piggy Wiggly-UPS charges $5.58
Walmart-printer $49.93
Ron Filloon-monitor $50.00
Wages- $1416.27
Total Water Fund $3705.27

Sewer Fund-
Matt Parrott-checks $98.82
IA DNR-discharge fees $210.00
Keystone Lab-lagoon testing $232.00
Iowa One Call-locates $1.80
Wages- $844.95
Total Sewer Fund $1387.57

Garbage Fund-
Allied Waste-garbage contract $2168.00
Wages- $106.27
Total Garbage Fund $2274.27