Aug. 23, 2006

The Delmar City Council met in special session on August 23, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. a the Delmar Council Chambers. Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:30 with the following members present at roll call: Jebsen, Goodall, Simmons. Eberhart attended at 7:00 p.m.

M/S Jebsen, Goodall to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Ken Lowery attended the meeting to discuss the finishing of the landscaping at his home from the water project. He asked the council for permission to take care of the finishing of his lawn himself. M/S Jebsen, Simmons for Lowery to order one (1) load of black dirt and obtain grass seed for the landscaping and submit the bills to the city. Roll call vote: All ayes. The city then in turn with take care of the issue with the contractor.

M/S Goodall, Simmons to approve the 5 day liquor permit for the Fire Department to serve beer at their dinner in October. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve the hiring of Gil’s Tree Service to remove 5 trees in different locations within the city that are in poor condition at a cost of $3150.00. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Discussion on street repair to Lincoln Avenue from Market to Center was tabled until some investigation can be done on the manhole near the Market Street intersection.

There was some discussion on a Hazardous Waste cleanup in the community in the future. More research and information is needed and will be discussed further at a later date.

M/S Goodall, Eberhart to approve a pay raise for Maintenance employee Paul Ruchotzke from $11.75 to $12.55 effective September 1, 2006. Roll call vote: All ayes.

EICA/Hud issue was tabled until September meeting.

Issues of a possible new business was discussed. The council asked the city clerk to contact the resident and to have them attend the next council meeting in September.

Clerk was instructed to find out from other cities how they protect some fire hydrants from being damaged in high traffic areas and to report back at the next meeting with information.

Clerk was instructed on several issues with the water project and completion to address with the contractor/s by council when they are back in town. Clerk informed council of several hydrants that need replacing and three (3) curb stops. Council instructed clerk to get these replaced and have contractor look at manhole on Lincoln Avenue to see if it can be lowered.

M/S Goodall, Simmons to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. Roll call vote: All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor


General Fund:
Vern Mangler-mowing $131.25
General Fund Totals $131.25

Water Fund:
Top Notch Plumbing-water meter installations $5356.00
Water Fund Totals $5356.00