Dec. 6, 2006

The Delmar City Council met in regular session on December 6, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Delmar Council Chambers. Mayor Johnson called the meeting to order with the following members present at roll call: Jebsen, Trenkamp, Goodall, Eberhart, Simmons. M/S Goodall, Trenkamp to approve the consent agenda. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Sheriffs report was given with 48 hours being spent in the city during the month of November. Landfill report was given by Goodall; he noted that the county is again going out for bids for upcoming contracts at the landfill. No Crime Stoppers to report at this time. No Water Project updates or information at this time.

M/S Trenkamp, Jebsen to approve the liquor permit for Casey’s General Store for the next year. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Goodall, Jebsen to approve the installation for a Flow Meter at the lagoons at a price of $4054.00 plus freight. Roll call vote: All ayes.

M/S Goodall, Simmons to install another street light on the North end of town from Alliant. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Maintenance noted that installation of new bulbs at the fire station did not solve the problem with the lighting and either new ballasts or starters need to be installed. Jebsen will check into the issue and get the needed parts. M/S Eberhart, Goodall to have the clerk draw up a resolution for transfer of funds for the next council meeting. Roll call vote: All ayes.

Maintenance person Paul Ruchotzke also noted to the council that the repairs to the lagoon have been postponed until spring due to the upper lagoon levels being high. He also noted per Darrell Warren water/sewer superintendent that the council needs to address the issues of sump pumps being tied into the sewer system. DNR noted that this needs to be addressed and changes made as there is too much ground water entering the lagoon system. Goodall noted that he is going to do some further checking with another town regarding this issue.

M/S Goodall, Jebsen to adjourn at 7:55 p.m. Roll call vote: All ayes.

LeAnn McCallister, City Clerk
Judy Johnson, Mayor

General Fund: $19533.73
Road Use Fund: $3013.12
Water Fund: $10821.08
Water Project Fund: $77200.00
Sewer Fund: $3928.01
Garbage Fund: $2829.90
Sewer Dept Fund: $1500.00

General Fund:
Maquoketa Sentinel Press-publications $107.89
Alliant-electric & gas $1792.75
Casey’s-fuel $110.52
The National Bank-loan payment $250.00
Clinton County Sheriff-police contract $722.40
ChemRight Lab-lagoon testing $60.00
HD(National Water Works)meter fittings $102.13
Johnson Trucking-truck repairs $26.83
F&B Telephone-phone, internet $192.51
Walmart-supplies $70.62
The National Bank-postage $90.15
Gasser’s True Value-supplies $56.71
Preston Ready Mix-lagoon rock $141.78
Office Machine Consultants-copier lease $259.35
Hawkins-chemicals $86.50
Office Depot-office supplies $83.25
Bowman Oil-diesel fuel $335.85
Allied Waste-garbage pickup $2168.00
Keystone Lab-water testing $122.00
Dick’s Supermarket-UPS charges $20.66
Christy’s LLC-chainsaw repairs $45.85
Koening Body & Equipment-snow plow flags $38.73
Data Tech-software licensing 2007 $2093.16
Wages, Fica/Med/Federal, State Withholding, IPERS $9229.37
General Fund Totals: $11803.77

Road Use Fund Totals: $2610.90

Water Fund Totals: $3391.02

Sewer Fund Totals: $4896.06